Thank God for a few honest people in the world. It was so comforting reading a book about someone who seemed to hit brick walls every direction he took his whole life, even as a follower of Christ! I needed the stories he told, and I especially needed the ending, which I won’t go in to for obvious reasons. But suffice to say, everything about this book from start to finish, is REAL. My brother died of brain cancer after struggling with a very sick child and struggling to make his business succeed. Just about the time he was finally beginning to have financial success, he died. But he was a committed believer, and I am certain that to the Lord, he was a complete success, because he never quit trusting in God no matter how hard things were. And the impact that his unshakeable faith had on others was huge.

Thank you, Brad Henry, for this painfully yet at the same time delightfully honest book.

I gave this book as a gift to a business man who has been struggling with a failing business due to the economic downturn. He said it was the most helpful and inspiring book he has read, besides the Bible. 🙂 He said the author’s style of writing really made for a good read.

At the Post Office in Huntersville, NC, Brad walked up to me in line and handed me this book. He told his son that the Lord told him to give the book to someone and that was me. In was a very emotional season in my life. I had Breast Cancer Surgery the month before and on the same day of the surgery, my husband passed away that evening. We had reconnected after many years, but God is still amazing. The emotional pull in Brad’s story gave me courage to go just a little further. I stopped thinking on what could have been and focused on right now. Now because of the connection with Brad and so many more, we are Prayer Warriors, and walking a little closer to God. Because the one we serve has never failed, and He helps us clean up from our failures. Brad donated 10 books to the Book Club at the church I attend in Harrisburg, NC. I have passed my book on to a Cancer Patient, because some times we think we fail when illness is upon us…. but God is a Healer, read about it in Failing Doesn’t Mean You’re A Failure.

Tana Casimiro

I really enjoyed this book. I’m not a fast reader, but I read this book in no time. His trials and tribulations led him to God and eventually a life that he loves. We can all learn from reading this book that if you keep the faith we can live in peace.

This book is a must-read for any individuals who have faced challenges or expect to face new ones, and want to benefit from Brad Henry’s enlightened perspectives of how to best manage what life throws at us. I found his book easy to read yet with profound insights, enjoying well phrased comments such as, “When we face tough trials in life, we can become either better or bitter.” How simple. How true! Brad Henry’s real-life adventures and misadventures are well covered in the delightful, sometimes sad and always moving narrative, including his ups and downs in business, his life’s passions (flying and Ironman competitions), facing personal and family obstacles and more. His message is based on his own salvation, when one fateful night in 1992 he became a child of God. However, regardless of your own personal theological view, from atheist to faithful, this book will provide you with insights, inspiration, direction, plans and processes to allow you to “keep on keeping on” (his expression).


“Failing Doesn’t Mean You’re A Failure was a great book. I believe a lot of people can relate to this book at one time or another in their lives. It also that makes you think about where you are in your walk with God. A must read!


“I read this book in one sitting, didn’t want to put it down. A great reminder that there is a real spiritual battle going on everyday in all our lives and the consequences that Brad faced by his disobedience are no different than any of ours, just different scenarios. Great to share with non-believers as well!


This book will remind you that Satan is alive, well and working overtime in our world today. Brad Henry has been gracious enough to share his experience of being in Satan’s grip and how God has helped bring him out of the depths of darkness. This book gives all lost people encouragement, hope and let’s them know that they are not alone. God is now using Brad to write daily devotions that reach thousands of people including me. Read this book and you will be forever changed!
Thank you Brad for sharing your personal story!


After reading Brad’s book Failing Doesn’t Mean you’re a failure and how many things in his life corresponded with my own, I realize that our God only wants what is best for his “kids”. We learn through trial and error as well as prayer and searching God’s Word for His truths. I would encourage anyone to read this book as well as sign up for Brad’s daily devotionals. I cannot tell you how much they have helped me and usually it’s always something that I needed to hear that very day. Our God is always on time and Our God is Awesome!


Have you ever wondered, “If God cares about me, why is my life so hard?” Author Brad Henry knows your pain, and candidly shares many of his life struggles in this book. Through his stories, you will see how God can work in your life through both good and bad times. This book illustrates that God doesn’t let your failures go to waste, but uses them to prepare you for something better in the future.

Joe Gibbs Racing – CMO – Dave Alpern

As the Chief Marketing Officer for a NASCAR team, you can imagine how many agents, consultants, and “fringe” business associates I have dealt with in my 21+ years in the business. I can say that few if any have been more of a pleasure to deal with, or more importantly, impacted my life the way that Brad Henry has.

Brad became a trusted agent for JGR and our Consumer Products division for over a decade.  While many others would bring us concepts, Brad would bring tangible, meaningful deals that generated income, and he always followed up and stayed with it throughout the deal’s duration rather than moving on to the next big thing. When Brad brought us a company, we always knew that company was going to be taken care of and have a great NASCAR experience.

What strikes you first about Brad is his humility. He is very self-effacing  and takes a genuine interest in everyone he does business with, but make no mistake, he is a very wise, business savvy guy. What also amazes me about Brad is his experience in EVERYTHING- rarely do I meet with him where I don’t discover another hidden talent, experience, or story that makes me wonder how anyone can pack so many things into one lifetime.

If you are looking at working with Brad you are in for a treat. Brad will not only give you sound business advice, he will help you be a better person. Recently I’ve found myself calling on Brad just to be a sounding board about life.

God has gifted Brad in many ways and I count it a privilege not only to have worked with him but to call him a friend.

Dave Alpern | Chief Marketing Officer | Joe Gibbs Racing

Randy Taylor  3M Motorsports (Retired)

I was introduced to Brad Henry in 2003 when I was pursuing a licensing agreement with select drivers and race teams for some 3M products. I was new to this and had no idea where to start. Brad and his licensing group walked me through the contacts, explained how licensing in NASCAR worked and even provided me with an education on who I should start an agreement program with. He is one of truly great people that I have come in contact with and his integrity is beyond reproach. Brad got 3M started in the first car sponsorship of any kind with Tina Gordon. Without his help , I doubt we would have the presence in NASCAR that we do now. He is a friend, a man of God, and a brother.  Diverse background and extremely knowledgeable. Brad Henry at any price is a bargain.

Randy Taylor Retired (former program Director 3M Motorsports) currently president RMT Consulting

Lee Lewis – Former CEO Priority Vision

Commit your works to the LORD, And your plans will be established. PROVERBS 16: 3

My name is Lee Lewis, an entrepreneur and small business owner from Amelia Island, Florida. In August 2006, I experienced God in a supernatural way. For the first time in my life (I was 37 years old), I had a vision of God’s true purpose and calling on my life. God used my 7 year old daughter to speak truth to me about my 25 year addiction to smokeless tobacco. As a result of this encounter and subsequent God given vision later that same night, I created and developed a unique, all natural alternative product to help me and thousands of others kick the nasty and harmful habit of smokeless tobacco (more commonly known as Dip).


I was introduced to Brad Henry through a Christian business leader in 2009. Our initial phone conversation lasted 45 minutes. The first 5 minutes were spent discussing my product and it’s licensing potential on the NASCAR circuit, however, the next 40 minutes were spent sharing our testimonies and devoted love for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! This was truly one of the most profound and divine appointments experienced in my adult life. Brad Henry “merged” into my life’s path that day, and we have become eternal friends ever since. To this day, I consult with Brad Henry weekly and seek his wise counsel at every turn, and certainly before any major decision is made within our growing company.


Brad Henry has served as one of my business consultants and wise counselors over the past 3 years. Through his amazing gift of sharing his life stories AND business acumen (which is deeply rooted in biblical truths), I have gained remarkable insights, knowledge, and understanding of how to build a successful, Kingdom focused company. Our sole corporate mission is to glorify God by helping people break free from the grip of nicotine addiction. This is a constant battle field in which I am both personally and professionally fighting to win, and ultimately claim victory over! Brad Henry’s tremendous support and truth, always spoken in Love, has enabled me to navigate through these “troubled waters” and has helped propel me and my company forward. His vast experience, business savvy, and wise counsel will not only enhance your “bottom line”, but he will help guide and develop you into the Christian business leader that God has called you to be!


In closing, I strongly encourage anyone who needs wise, Christ centered business consulting and expertise to follow my lead and enlist Brad Henry. He has a special, God given Calling to help you if you desire to achieve BOTH corporate and Godly success. I highly recommend Brad Henry to you and your company without any reservation.


“So I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives; and he who seeks, finds; and to him who knocks, it will be opened.” LUKE 11: 9 – 10

Yours in Christ, Lee Lewis Founder and President / Priority Vision, Inc.

From Gene Smith – President UPI Marketing

My name is Gene Smith and I’m the CEO of UPI Marketing, a sports marketing and licensing company that I founded 20 years ago in 1994. I’m also blessed to own several other corporations but I met Brad Henry about a decade ago during my company’s early days with NASCAR.

I already had several years of great licensing experience with the NFL, NHL, MLB & NBA but NASCAR was new territory for me a I felt it was critical to align myself with someone who was a fixture throughout the NASCAR community. I didn’t think the NASCAR “Good Old Boys Club” would be immediately accepting of a long hair maverick surfer dude from Southern California so aligning ourselves with Brad’s licensing and consulting firm at the time was crucial.

Of course I was wrong in my judgement and the “Good Old Boys” couldn’t have been more gracious when I was introduced to them by their TRUSTED friend and business associate Brad Henry.

Fast forward to my first Daytona 500, I was invited by Brad to be a guest in his motor coach in the infield for the entire weekend. What a profound experience on many levels but all the action of the greatest stock car race in the world was trumped by the subtle but powerful Spirit filled atmosphere going on in their motor coach. Brad had just finished his first devotional book and was sharing them with everyone he could. There was such a calm peacefulness within the inner circle of the amped up Daytona track.

It was there that my journey with the Lord was powerfully changed forever. I went back to California and read Brad’s book and proceeded to purchase my first Bible that i have read every day since. Brad’s daily devotionals are powerful but full of real ilife circumstances on earth. The most powerful of which Brad preaches is to Be Still and listen to God and Galatians 5:22 to live our lives with the Holy Spirit within us.

I highly recommend Brad Henry’s consulting service for any walk of life as he’s been to hell and back and can guide you with awesome advice on both a business level but more importantly a spiritual level that will naturally enhance everything you’re doing in life.

I originally reached out to Brad for NASCAR consulting but my life has been forever changed for the better on every level. Congratulations on choosing Bard Henry to guide you in so many ways.

Peace to you all and have a Spirit filled journey with Brad.

Gene Smith
UPI Marketing, Inc.
“Making a Difference One Dream at a Time”