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“Jesus Can Be Closer To You Today Than Ever”

March 15, 2014 I wanted to give you an update on our ministry and all that the Lord is doing. I have tried to do some “Free Consulting” to make ends meet but apparently Free Consulting sounds like I don’t know what I am doing so no calls yet but I am hopeful:) I think […]

“Don’t Fall Back Into The Pit”

March 12, 2014 I have been reading some great books that I am trying to get a discount on so I can get them to you. The author is Neil Anderson and the books ate “Victory Over The Darkness”, “The Bondage Breaker” and “Finding Hope Again”. ┬áThe books are about Spiritual Warfare and the tools […]

“How Do I Grow In My Faith”

I used to be a sucker for those informercials. OK, I still am that is why I don’t watch them or I would have a house full of junk. I believe what people tell me, especially about the exercise machines. If this machine can help you lose 30 lbs them I am all in!! Who […]