March 11, 2014
Why is it that so many people live in fear?  Fear of an illness, a boss, job or lack thereof or just plain fear of the unknown  There can be a lot of fear when we turn everything in our lives over to God because we then take IT back. Fear comes from not having control. But the older you get the more you realize that no matter how hard we plan, scheme and play politics that we will never plan enough to be in control.

Acts 2:17 “‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.”

It is a gift to be able to dream. If you are living in fear or living without joy when did you stop dreaming? Fear will stop you from dreaming unless it is a nightmare. If you are fearful when did you allow the world to tell YOU what to do? When did you start believing the lies of Satan that you are no good and that you have no future? When we fail to dream about God’s plans for our lives (which are supernatural) we are essentially giving up. But know this, you can change the road you are going down. You don’t have to stay in a dead end job, relationship or live in fear of the unknown.

God has  a perfect plan for you. I don’t believe in the Prosperity Gospel. The prosperity Gospel says that if you do certain things then the Lord will bless you financially. There is no where in the Bible that says this. In fact just the opposite can occur. The gospel is about being saved, not about creating wealth. There is nothing wrong with wealth but be very careful that you do not become a believer in Jesus so you can acquire wealth. Weatlh if you are not ready for it can be a curse instead of a blessing.

1 Timothy 6:9 “People who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge men into ruin and destruction.”

There are a number of ways to have joy in this life:

1. Desire to be in heaven more than earth. Then you will store up for yourselves things that will last for eternity.
2. Do not put your hope in anything that will fade away.
3. Pray that the Lord would strip away anything that is a roadblock to your faith and to your relationship with Jesus.
4. Pray for the Lord to bring back joy into your life.

Joy will come when we stop concentrating on things and start concentrating on Jesus. When Jesus is our portion in life we will not be afraid to go after IT. When we know God is with us WE WILL NOT BE AFRAID TO FAIL. Now listen very closely. This does not mean that we won’t fail.  This means that we will not be afraid to fail. Don’t ever steal someones joy by being negative. Do you really want to be a roadblock to what Jesus is going to do in someones else’s life? Concentrate on leaving it all out on the playing field. This life is not a trial run for something else.

I got a fortune cookie the other day that said “Expect the unexpected”. If you are pessimistic you would read this and think “Bad things are coming.” If you are leading a spirit filled life knowing Jesus is in control then you will expect great things to happen. That is because you are not relying on your own strength. So where are you on this journey? Can you turn it all over to Jesus today? If you truly want joy then you have to let go!!

Have a great day, expect great things to happen to YOU and give all the credit and glory to Jesus.