March 15, 2014
I wanted to give you an update on our ministry and all that the Lord is doing. I have tried to do some “Free Consulting” to make ends meet but apparently Free Consulting sounds like I don’t know what I am doing so no calls yet but I am hopeful:) I think this lesson in the workplace is like Abraham with his son Isaac. I feel the Lord wants me to do this but every time I try God shows up at the last second with His own offering.

This morning I was going to look at my computer for an update on this missing plane but I had such a strong urge from the Lord to get my Bible. So, I got my Bible and it just opened to the story of Emmaus. The story of Emmaus has a special part in my hart for a number of reasons. The first time I heard it I actually wept. A dear friend of mine, Stacy Ray, sang the song by Steve Green at the church I was going to. I was a new believer and it just resonated so much with my soul. Stacy was the perfect one to sing this song and that is what I would like to talk with you about this morning. All I had to do this morning was see the name Emmaus and I could feel my eyes start to water. In life we can have great memories and then some we would like to forget. Well, this is a great memory.

The road to Emmaus is in Luke 24:13-35 Jesus is walking with two men on the road to Emmaus. They do not recognize Him because he is in His risen glorified body. It is only after Jesus left them that their eyes are opened and they see who He really was. Today you may be so close to Jesus but the worries of this world have you focusing on your problems instead of our Savior who can heal all hurts and stop all pain. I want to go over a few lyrics to the song and then the song is at the end for you to listen to.

“”Who is Jesus Christ
The question echoes down Emmaus Road
Dead or raised to life
The same doubts spoken first so long ago
When a stranger came
To two men on their journey
And it was not long before
Their broken hearts were burning

Somewhere between where you are and Emmaus
A stranger wants to come and walk with you
Somewhere along the way your heart will be burning
Drawn into the holy flame of truth
Right now He may be a stranger to you
What will he be when your journey’s through
Somewhere between where you are and Emmaus
The Savior wants to walk with you

Some ask Him in to stay
As night falls on their own Emmaus Road
Some push Him away
And never see the mystery unfold
But those who take to heart the word that has been spoken
As He breaks the bread of life their eyes will open “”

Yes, today even though you may know Jesus He in some strange way may feel like a stranger to you. It may have been awhile since you picked up your Bible or prayed or just listened to His voice. BUT He is there waiting , smiling for you not to be a stranger anymore. I pray that the words of this song will move you to love Jesus like He loves you. Have a great Saturday.

Take care